Manage risks across your organization, smartly.

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Risk Taxonomy

Simple is better

Complex business processes are accompanied with multitude of risks. Simplify the process with VComply’s Risk Taxonomy.

Define, plan and execute

Define relationship between risks, business, processes, resources and individuals. Plan, manage and effectively execute risk mitigation activities.

From complex to easy

Manage complex processes involving procedures, risks, resources and individuals effortlessly on an integrated platform.

Upgrade from Spreadsheets

Replace the traditional method of mapping and tracking risk mitigation measures from spreadsheets to VComply.
Why upgrade?

Relationship mapping

Define relationships between risks, business entities, timelines, corrective actions and responsibilities and individuals.

Visualize comprehensively

Map and visualize the associated business risks on a comprehensive and secure dashboard.

Factor based Risk level identification

  • Standardize the risk level definition process.
  • Enable seamless communication within the organization aligned with business goals.
Factor based Risk level identification
Risk Mapping the new way

Risk Mapping the new way

  • Account all the business processes underway and integrate with other simultaneous business activities.
  • Map risks to business processes, resources and individuals while factoring other business activities.
  • Shift from siloed risk mitigation and effectively manage all your organization resources at one place.

Standardize processes

  • Avoid duplication of risk mitigation activities.
  • Prioritize risk & controls and effectively allocate resources.
  • Track activities progress in real-time.
Standardize processes