Identify, assess, manage and mitigate risks, seamlessly.

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Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Identify risks

VComply provides risk identification and assessment capabilities for crucial information that forms the backbone of your business.

Centralize data

Centralize property values, claims, policies, contracts and exposure information to contain the risks caused by non consolidation of information.

Systemize processes

Create a systematic process with data centralization capabilities to provide you an integrated platform with an accessible dashboard.

Manage and mitigate

Identify, assess, manage and mitigate risks easily and on the go.

Smart notifications

Always keep on track with latest updates on all your devices with our smart notifications.

Communicate securely

Store, access and collaborate securely on the VComply cloud.

Breaking down silos

Breaking down silos

  • Link policies, contracts, daily tasks, projects and procedures across all departments and divisions.

Centralization of resources

  • Build your own private library to manage all your organizational activities from a consolidated repository.
  • Manage your contracts, licenses, accreditations and policies. Ensure the right people are accessing the right information by setting authorizations and permissions.
Centralization of resources
Assign and assess risk levels

Assign & assess risk levels

  • Associate risk levels with each activity and responsibility.
  • Get an overview of your organization’s performance.
  • Analyze with a consolidated view, or drill down further for more specific and detailed analysis.