Uncomplicate compliance

Switch from spreadsheets and shared drives to an integrated platform.
Organize your calendar by scheduling responsibilities systematically.
Categorize frameworks, assigning tasks and generate automated reports.
Receive prompt alerts and notifications for responsibilities to ensure timely updates.
Keep people in the loop for responsibilities with conditional escalations.

Keep your risks
at bay

Focus on high-risk areas to avoid punitive damages and penalties.
Derive the inherent risk score and risk heat with our smart algorithms.
Reduce and prevent fraudulent activities within your organization.
Facilitate the training & development of your workforce
Implement mitigation strategies to safeguard your organization.

reduction in cost of non-compliance.

Contracts & Policies

Streamline documentation

Map out different contracts and policies on a categoric level.
Upload existing, or draft new contracts & policies from a centralized interface.
Assign responsibilities for contract renewals and policy updates.
Invite stakeholders and auditors to collaborate in the workroom.
Generate a secure electronic signature to facilitate faster approvals.

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