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Business Sustainability

Policy Management
in times of COVID-19

Helping you sustain business operations.

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When catastrophe strikes, it disrupts operations. As the total number of the infamous Coronavirus cases globally cross the 500,000 mark, organizations are adopting newer approaches to sustain operations. While the number of positively tested cases continues to increase and spread exponentially, so do the consequences. Cancelled events, delayed business travels, remote workforce, social distancing are just some of the footprints of the pandemic. An area which has been revealed is the mismanagement in the way organizations manage policies.

Policies are crucial documents for every organization. They outline how a business should operate, and sets clear expectations for employees and guidelines on how they must operate in situations such as a pandemic. However, most organizations do not have an ordered approach to managing these policies. As a result, they often end up having multiple policies about the same thing, stored in multiple places at the same time. The lack of a centralized platform often makes the policies inaccessible, thereby increasing risk to the organization.

Plan ahead with VComply

VComply offers an integrated solution on the cloud to help you manage and communicate policies across your organization.
What can you do?
  • Standardize policies and procedures across your organizations.
  • Host your documents on a centralized interface.
  • Prioritize policies based on risk classifications.
  • Define specific approval workflows.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders on a dedicated policy workroom.
  • Secure attestation digitally, even when your team is remote.
  • Create checkpoints to ensure understanding & acceptance from the team.
  • Track policies through their lifecycle from creation to attestation.
  • Leverage our resources pack with preloaded policy templates.
The pandemic has considerably set us back, and we want to do our bit to chip in.
To help you tackle COVID, we are making our Policy Management system absolutely free.

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