Operational Compliance Management

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  • Do you find it challenging to design and implement internal controls?
  • Are you tired of following up with multiple e-mails on compliance tasks?
  • Do you think more transparency and accountability are required in your organization?
  • Have your organization’s risk levels increased due to lack of visibility or non-existence of a matrix?
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Why Operational Compliance Management?
It is well known that compliance plays an integral role in organizations. Undefined business processes and poorly managed operational decision-making put organizations at risk of violating regulations. The penalties incurred can be costly. Loss of reputation and business discontinuity can also add up to the repercussions. All these problems can be solved with an effective Operational Compliance Management system. To take control of compliance within your organization, you need to implement an operational compliance system. It enables you to quickly and easily manage internal controls and framework changes and ensure that the team is working accordingly.
Improve compliance with minimal effort, turn the burden to the bonus with increased operational efficiency, and take the headache out of your audits with well-preserved evidence and proof.

Implementing an Operational Compliance System helps:

  • Minimize the risk of violating regulations and manage operational decision making
  • Reduce the workload on managing compliance
  • Promote transparency with consistent documentation of business processes
  • Automate business processes and manage compliance tasks daily
  • Stay prepared for regulatory changes and implement them quickly within your compliance system
Operational Compliance Management with VComply
VComply’s Compliance Management platform makes operational compliance management an easy task for organizations. It simplifies the operational compliance processes with:
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Team Management
  • Bring your team members, departments, or work centers onboarded on a single platform
  • Bring structure to the compliance workflow and consolidate compliance data in a central repository
  • Automate communication through responsibility workrooms
  • Build-in accountability to responsibilities
Team Management
Task Management
  • Automate task and responsibility management
  • Assign tasks, route approval requests, and manage oversight
  • Schedule internal controls, keep track of current and past controls
  • Manage task timeline and communication through automatic dashboard notifications and emails
Task Management
Regulation and Policy Management
  • Establish the regulatory frameworks with pre-built controls or build your own controls
  • Create policies and communicate them across the organization with ease
  • Track regulatory change, conduct the impact assessments
  • Bridge the gap in policy comprehension with central library and policy notifications
Regulation & Policy Management
Compliance Report
  • Automatically generated compliance reports that provide a 360-degree view of the compliance posture
  • Track the compliance posture with dashboards, reports, and workrooms
  • Provides a single source of verifiable corporate compliance data, with the latest, reliable information
  • Enables proactive planning for future compliance requirements
Compliance Report
Risk Assessment
  • Identify risks, assess risks and proactively plan for risk mitigation
  • Set risk score for all the compliance responsibilities
  • Get automatic risk reports and identify the vulnerabilities
  • Risk identification and proactive risk management planning
Risk Assessment
Audit Management
  • Create audit plans with objectives, scope and schedules
  • Conduct internal audits, gather audit data, obtain audit evidence, and document in a central repository
  • Provide a single source of truth for audit reporting with failings, list of adequate controls and recommendations
  • Execute corrective and preventive actions based on findings
Audit Management
Team Management Task Management Regulation & Policy Management Compliance Report Risk Assessment Audit Management
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