The Leading Compliance Management Platform for Healthcare Organizations

VComply helps healthcare organizations meet their regulatory compliance & standard requirements by letting them:
  • Automate compliance workflow scheduling and notifications
  • Monitor and track compliance status and risk exposure in real time
  • Centralize evidence collection and improve stakeholder accountability
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Healthcare Compliance Management Made Easy with VComply

Healthcare organizations need to comply with almost 600 regulatory requirements ranging from insurance, patient data privacy, occupational safety, and acts such as HIPAA , CHNA, PCI DSS, DPR, HITECH, EMTALA, ACA etc. VComply simplifies your compliance processes, stay on top of your compliance requirements, drive stakeholder accountability, build effective compliance culture while staying committed to quality patient care.

Boost Your Compliance Posture And Stay Ahead with VComply!

Fortify Your Compliance Efforts
Leverage the pre-configured regulatory compliance frameworks to easily entrust compliance controls and obligations to stakeholders and ensure accountability
Improve Operational Efficiency
Automate compliance & risk workflows, schedule notifications, reduce manual processes and increase your program’s effectiveness & efficiency
Monitor and mitigate potential risks
Identify and assess your organization’s potential risks and implement strong controls to mitigate the vulnerabilities
Identify issues and create corrective action plans
Identify issues, report instances of non-compliance, and create corrective actions to remediate them.

Here’s how VComply helps you

Streamline and strengthen your compliance & control management
Exercise strategic oversight on compliance administration
Provide a single source of truth for compliance data and risk visibility
Tackle and address regulatory norms and reporting needs in a regular manner
100% Increase in employee accountability
63% Reduction in compliance issues
85% Increase in timely completion
55% Increase in efficiency
80% Reduction in manual follow ups
Ziczac Shape
Manage Compliance and Risk with One Tool
Multi-Department Compliance Management
Reduce inconsistencies across different departments by mapping different departments and locations on the platform
Policy Management
Accelerate the implementation of policies & procedures with a central repository of policies and automatic policy creation, attestation, and training workflows
Data Security & Access Controls
Ensure data security with easy role-based access control settings
Effortless Implementation
5-days effortless implementation process to configure your compliance & risk programs and get started
Real-time Calendar Alerts and Tracking
Keep track of upcoming compliance responsibilities or deadlines with real-time calendar alerts and notifications
Integrated GRC Management
Establish an holistic approach towards compliance and risk management by enabling an integrated approach and with linked controls
Risk Assessment Workflows
Conduct data-driven risk assessments, analyze the risk exposure with heat maps, & identify critical risk areas across the organization
Audit Management
Setup audit plans, test the effectiveness of controls, and create corrective action plans to manage compliance deficiencies
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