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Fast Track Your SOC2 Compliance with VComply​

SOC2 requires that organizations maintain high level of information security. VComply enables organizations implement successful SOC2 compliance programs, establish strong internal controls, manage continuous monitoring and auditing.

VComply is now associated with Prescient Assurance LLC, a global top 20 independent audit and penetration testing company for helping its clients simplify the end-to-end process of SOC2 compliance.
Replace all your tools with a single end-to-end SOC2 Compliance Management Platform
Establish your trust service criteria scope, perform SOC2 gap analysis and risk assessment, design controls, automate control assessments with workflows, remediation, readiness testing and reporting
Build & implement SOC2 security policies
Build, review, and implement security policies using workflows.
Conduct SOC2 readiness assessment
Conduct SOC2 readiness assessment of your security programs
Establish internal controls
Develop security controls to meet AICPA’s criteria for SOC2 attestation
Make your organization SOC2 audit-ready
Map your tasks to audit requirements and collect auditable evidence
Establish internal controls
Develop security controls to meet AICPA’s criteria for SOC2 attestation
Make your organization SOC2 audit-ready
Map your tasks to audit requirements and collect auditable evidence
Obtain SOC2 audit reports
Generate management-ready audit reports with the posh of a button
Maintain Continued SOC2 compliance
Set anomaly alerts and maintain continued compliance

Before VComply

  • Creating compliance risks with manual compliance tasks & evidence collection
  • Spending hours together on keeping track of controls
  • Enforcing policies, and ensuring adherence was a nightmare

After VComply

  • Thoroughly managed SOC2 compliance programs with 100% employee accountability
  • Increased operational efficiency with workflow-based task routing and approval.
  • Create detailed reports with the push of a button and make prompt decisions

VComply, the smarter choice for companies looking to start their cloud journey

With VComply, build the framework for successful SOC2 audits, implement a single picture of controls across employees, stakeholders, vendors, applications and devices, establish control over your security programs, and gain visibility into your compliance status
Embark on your SOC2 compliance
journey with VComply
VComply provides a single-pane view of your overall processes, IT risks and compliance. It helps streamline our SOC2 compliance and audit management processes and provides support with pre-built framework.
Team Management Task Management Regulation & Policy Management Compliance Report
Implement compliance workflows
Trigger workflows to generate tasks around SOC2 compliance processes – instantly assign controls if risk assessment identifies gaps in the system. Team Management
Monitor SOC2 compliance issues
Assign and monitor tasks adhering to SOC 2’s five trust service principles, create corrective actions and remediate threats and risks. Task Management
Automate evidence collection
VComply allows you to streamline the process of gathering and documenting the evidence of ongoing compliance activities Regulation & Policy Management
Drive collaboration
Promote collaboration between your stakeholders and increase the efficiency of your compliance programs Compliance Report

What Our Happy User Says

It allows our organization to establish standardized systems across a very complex set of compliance obligations. All of our key documentation is now housed in one central location and our staff is thrilled with the reminders and accountability built in .
Serhiy Hipskyy
Compliance manager
The upside to using VComply is that it tracks data and organizes it in a way that allows trends to be seen and addressed. VComply is a company is also constantly changing and making improvements based on users feedback.
Justus Menke
I have found that VComply is a useful GRC tool. Improvements over the past 12 months have significantly enhanced functionality. There is on going development and good communication about the changes due to be made.
Britain Eriksen
Chief Compliance Office

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