The # 1 Compliance Management Software for Non-Profit Organizations

VComply operationalizes the compliance processes within your non-profit and improves efficiency and credibility with regulators.

Solving the Compliance Management Puzzle across the Non-Profit Sectors

Non-profits need to maintain a good reputation with the public as well as with the government. Operationalize your compliance processes with VComply and stay on top of changing regulations

What Does VComply Offer You?

VComply gives you a unique perspective on your stakeholders’ compliance performance, and productivity

Drive Compliance Efficiencies with Workflows

VComply provides a single source of truth that comprises of your compliance, risk, and
audit programs and makes it easy to configure reports
Improve Efficiency and Focus
VComply simplifies and operationalizes processes involved in compliance management -task routing, the flow of command, e-mail reminders for task completion, and reports generation. It gives a clear picture of your organization’s compliance performance including any setbacks your employees are facing to complete their compliance obligations.
Manage Remote Teams
Monitoring multiple compliance centers is challenging enough, mainly if they are geographically distributed. Thanks to VComply, you have complete control over your disbursed teams; it helps you manage your organization’s affiliates and teams, helping them make better decisions.
Analyze the Compliance Gaps
Leverage VComply’s trend graphs, dashboards, reports containing historic compliance data, non-compliance reports etc to analyze the compliance performance gaps and address them pro-actively. VComply notifies the stakeholders of compliance task updates and reduces the time and delays.

Experience our Award-winning GRC platform!

"The functionality of the tool continues to expand to meet our changing needs"
It allows our organization to establish standardized systems across a very complex set of compliance obligations. All of our key documentation is now housed in one central location and our staff is thrilled with the reminders and accountability built in.
Nicole Glenda
Director of Compliance
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Experience our Award-winning GRC platform!

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