Streamline Your University’s Risk and Compliance Programs with VComply

VComply helps you maximize your university’s compliance and operational efficiency, implement policies, and identify and remediate risks.
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Features Built to Work the Way You Do
Proactively manage your compliance programs, all from one place, with VComply’s customizable compliance management platform.
  • Integrated Workflows & Frameworks
  • Centralized Document Repository
  • Compliance Task Management
  • Compliance Dashboards & Reports
  • Scheduling & Automatic Notifications
  • Internal Audit Management
  • Compliance Risk Assessments
Simplify Your Institute’s Compliance
Processes with VComply
Increase Accountability
Gain better visibility across your educational institute’s compliance posture and individual’s responsibilities
Streamline Workflows
Easily automate workflows that align with your institute’s processes ensuring end-to-end governance and compliance.
Improve Visibility
Track performance, gain real-time insights, and predict and prevent risks to make informed decisions.
“VComply enables organizations to manage risk, compliance, and controls through GRC that is simple, engaging, and delivered in the cloud. VComply is an agile, intuitive, and engaging solution for enterprise GRC management. They are there to work with the client and be a true partner and not just a software provider.”
Michael Rasmussen
GRC Analyst
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