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Deliver quick wins
Our guided, content-rich compliance program will get you compliance ready in not hours but minutes.
Free your teams
Automate processes to free your team from manual work and allow them to focus on value-add outcomes.
Compliance driven risk
Gain insight into your compliance programs to prioritize activities that strengthen compliance & reduce risk.
Product Capabilities
Gain a single source of truth
Are you shuffling through spreadsheets to organize your documentation? With VComply, provides a consolidated single list view of all the assets, objectives, controls and history that make up your compliance or risk program making it easy to navigate to the file that you need.
Personalized task management
Accomplish more with a personalized and automated workflow system that empowers team members and managers to assign tasks, track progress, and make informed decisions.
Share, connect and collect cirtical compliance and risk data
Connect cross-functional workflows to empower greater transparency and flexibility, making it easier for teams to support compliance and risk initiatives.
Access preloaded customizable frameworks
Our pre-built framework templates allow for customization and uploads and are easily deployable on common banking frameworks
Our Customer ROI Speaks for Itself
Increase in operational efficiency
Reduction in compliance penalties
Increase in timely task completion
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New Zealand
VComply enabled us to simplify our compliance management efforts and helped reduce costs
Jeanette Kreft
Managing Director,
The Compliance Company
What do I need to start with VComply ?
Getting started with us is easy. Book a demo and we’ll walk you through various aspects of the platform and processes therein. Once you’re onboarded as a customer, a dedicated CSM will work with you to scope out your compliance program(s).
What level of access will VComply have to my data and systems?
VComply is the only platform that reads and analyzes only authorized data. It never reads or analyzes data you don’t authorize. VComply uses standard read-only API access to monitor system configurations across all features, but it never accesses sensitive data.
How much time and effort is required at my part to finish my first compliance program in VComply?
VComply is a compliance automation platform that can help you reduce the time, effort and cost of auditing. The more deeply it integrates with your systems, the easier it is to find potential risks, fix security issues proactively, and demonstrate compliance to auditors.
Is VComply expensive ?
VComply costs a fraction . VComply powerful compliance automation capabilities do the heavy lifting to manage your compliance programs and monitor your security risks. This way, you spend less time, effort, and money.
How complex is VComply to use?
VComply is easy to use. It’s the only tool that you would need to drive GRC in your organization. It also gives you flexibility to configure workflows according to your personal needs.
What is the level of customer support in VComply?
With VComply our team will work with you from Day 1 to make sure you are implementing the right controls and practices for your company.
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