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The banking institutions should stay compliant with regulations and standards to preserve the reputation and integrity of the organization.
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Importance of Compliance
Management in Banks
There is no doubt that the Banking sector has a significant impact on the US economy. However, financial institutions and banks in the US are heavily regulated with a massive number of regulations by anassortment of federal, state, and agencies such as FFEO, DOJ and acts such as FHA, FEMA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, etc.
The Biggest Challenges to
Banking Compliance
Despite the firm efforts by banks, they still are unable to dodge penalties, fines or legal issues. Recently, in 2020, the US experienced the highest number of bank fines globally. Some of the major challenges that banks in the US face are:
  • Increased regulatory obligations
  • Failure to risk assessment
  • Combating cyber attacks
  • Lack of consumer information protection
  • Missing out on workforce resilience
  • Lack of operational resiliency
Creating a Best Practice Model for
Banking Compliance
Bring in Agility and Create Compliance System
Bring agility into the banking operation and ensure all the stakeholders are equally involved in the compliance management. Create a unified & centrally managed compliance system connecting departments & processes.
Cultivate compliance awareness and practicality of the laws
Cultivate compliance awareness and create understanding about the practicality of the prevailing banking regulations, standards across businesses functions, processes and translate them into operational requirements
Develop Risk identification and Assessment Process
Develop risk identification and assessment process monitoring with risk register, risk score card and risk matrix. Include the habit of generating and visualizing compliance-related data and driving data-backed decision-making.
How VComply Can Help in Establishing
Effective Banking Compliance?
VComply has been a leader in compliance management technology and has been helping banks & financial institutions establish robust compliance processes and practices. VComply helps you with:
Dot Shape
Compliance Process & Task Design
  • Setup or import frameworks and controls, and identify tasks required for meeting standards
  • Establish compliance task library to map obligations to controls
  • Create tasks that correspond to controls that address risks
  • Designate compliance tasks to stakeholders, continuously monitor performance
Compliance Process
Centralized platform
  • Bring various functions, departments, teams, locations on to a single collaborative platform
  • Automate compliance tasks and activities
  • Draft & distribute policies through a centralized interface
  • Measure compliance posture, track activities, collect evidence
Centralized Platform
Compliance Risk Management
  • Define a plan for risk management and communication across the team
  • Define the corrective action planning for crisis management
  • Proactively create risk mitigation plans and automate the processes
  • Provide real-time insights into risk status with dynamic dashboards
Compliance Risk Management
Compliance Reporting
  • Track the status of compliance tasks in real time
  • Automatically generate compliance reports that provide a 360-degree view of the compliance posture
  • Drill down to analytical details with compliance status, findings, and performance
  • Proactively plan and stay prepared for future compliance requirements
Compliance Report
Compliance Process Centralized Platform Compliance Risk Management Compliance Report
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