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Recent cases of industries bearing the brunt of non-compliance with the increasing regulatory procedures and stricter norms has made it necessary for all kinds of organizations to have a integrated GRC procedure in place. Traditional paper based methods make it difficult for an entity to store and manage the ever increasing documents at one place. Incidence of compromise on the data security of stakeholders have a heavy impact on the image of an entity. Moreover, they have to incur the additional burden of fines and penalties if any regulations or standards are not complied with.

VComply enables an organisation to manage their compliances on a single integrated GRC platform to assign compliance responsibilities to individuals or entities and track them on real time basis. Built-in periodic reminders can be enabled in order to ensure proactive action in complying with the statute, standard or internal control by escalating the incidence to necessary personnel to avoid losses before they are realised. The CAL repository is a secure cloud based storage platform which assures data security thus guaranteeing data loss prevention.

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