Integrated Vendor Compliance Solution


Companies which are relying on vendors for a number of functions require tools to manage contractual agreements and regulations associated with the vendors. It is cumbersome to monitor and ensure if the vendor is fulfilling his set of compliances like Safety and Quality Standards, Statutory regulations etc. Controlling the action of a third party which may be located in multiple locations across the globe is a complex task which need expertise and can be difficult to manage. The good will of the company is directly or indirectly dependent on the goodwill of its vendors. To ensure a hasslefree environment for an organisation, it needs a to have control of all the vendor compliances on one single platform which can be accessed by multiple users from multiple locations.

An organisation can utilise a tool like VComply in order to enable them to store all the contractual agreements, licenses and monitor the vendor for fulfillment of various compliances and standards. It also helps an organisation to fuse all the vendors like contractors, auditors, suppliers etc on one platform and enable them to monitor their performance with respect to their regulatory compliances. The tool helps strengthen the vendor relationship by simplifying the risk of non-compliance by providing a user friendly graphical platform which gives real time reports to the entities. It helps the organisation to take proactive steps before it’s too late.

Managing compliance has never been easier!

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