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Information technology is one area which is unavoidable and irreplaceable in the current business context. Businesses rely on IT heavily for streamlining their activities and will continue to do so in the coming future at an increasing rate to move towards more time-saving, paperless procedures. Thus, it is going to be a complex and intricate scenario which exposes an organization to varied risks and threats which target their vulnerabilities to gain advantage of the situation. It directly impacts the efficiency and profitability of any organization. Government regulations and standards have been implemented to ensure that the organisations are less susceptible to such risks by framing policies and internal control frameworks which reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and such other threats.

VComply offers IT executives and management a standardized platform which enables them to Assign-Track-Analyse the responsibilities in order to fulfil the above compliance requirements. It ensures one fulfils the responsibilities assigned to them on timely basis by sending periodic reminders to meet IT regulatory requirements. It also helps an organization in reduces the cost of non-compliance and mitigating the susceptible IT threats to the business, thus helping in increasing the overall profitability.

Managing compliance has never been easier!

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