I am currently using some other GRC tool....And it's devastating!


We get how a simple task can get really complex and waste a great deal of your time. The feeling of annoyance and exasperation that you face with the complexity is natural. You soon start to resent it but feel that you don't know how or what to do to make it any better. Some GRC tools, instead of increasing your effectiveness, actually slow your processes down.

Why it’s time to switch

Complex Interface

We hate complicated tools as much as you do. VComply is designed to achieve complex goals, simply.

Exorbitant plans

Money doesn’t grow on trees, so why settle for a tool which is expensive and overwhelming?
Make the switch.

Why it’s time to switch

Bad User Experience

All these complex interfaces can be really frustrating, especially if that’s the first thing you see at work every morning.

Steep learning curve

Stop wasting your valuable time trying to get accustomed to an overly complex system. Integrate seamlessly within your existing workflow with VComply.

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Why do less when you can do so much more?

Using a different tool for different tasks is so last century! With VComply, all your work gets centralised under one single platform, enabling you to get more done, faster.
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How is VComply any better?

Comprehensible Interface

We like to keep it simple. The platform is unbelievably effortless to be this efficient. Governance become a cakewalk with VComply!

Integrate< Change

The only change you need to make is the way you manage compliance. We seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow while keeping you within your comfort zone.

How is VComply any better?

Economic Pricing

We hate expensive softwares as much as you. VComply plans start just at 1/4th of what you spend on rent for a whole year.

30 minutes is all you need!

Deploy VComply faster than the time you spend getting to work. Once you have the structure in place, you will need about 30 minutes to start complying away!

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Complete business solution

We love giving you more! VComply helps you with document management, internal audit management, task management, contracts & policy management and much more.

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Do more than just Compliance

Why stop at just compliance management? Do more with VComply.

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