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Complying with the regulations, standards and internal controls is always a struggle for any business if not defined and documented methodically. First step towards fostering a culture of compliance is recognising the need to have an integrated compliance management system in place. With the increasing number of regulations in the business environment, having such a system in manual mode increases inefficiency and redundancies in an organisation. Hundreds of man-hours spent on managing reports and spreadsheets in manual mode results in a life-long struggle to meet the compliance deadlines. The management is burdened with the task of monitoring its employees who are assigned important responsibilities. Once a compliance is fulfilled, reporting it to the senior management who are located in multiple locations along with the evidence becomes a cumbersome task in itself.

VComply simplifies and streamlines the above processes by enabling all the entities of an organisation to assign, track and monitor the compliances on a single integrated platform. It gives accountability to a single person, a function or an entity and thus fosters a culture of timely compliance by setting reminders and alerts on their e-mail. VComply’s graphical interface is user friendly which ensures all the entities are able to maneuver smoothly across the platform. The risks can be labelled according to the risk class which helps define the urgency of the compliance.

Managing compliance has never been easier!

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