GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is an act European parliament adopted in April 2016 to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions.. GDPR enables organizations to map their data efficiently. GDPR applies to:

1. A company or entity which processes personal data as part of the activities of one of its branches established in the EU, regardless of where the data is processed; or
2. A company established outside the EU and is offering goods/services (paid or for free) or is monitoring the behaviour of individuals in the EU.
GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance with VComply

VComply offers an integrated framework to implement and manage data privacy regulations such as GDPR. It streamlines the management of assets and data through coordination of workflows and delegation of responsibilities. VComply’s monitoring process involves oversight, reviewing, and reporting of the compliance status and issues. It leverages risk assessment to evaluate the data privacy risks and control data. It allows organizations to consolidate content from Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) and integrate and map the policies and processes. Compliance officers and auditors can conduct internal audits and issue remediation and make sure that privacy of individuals are protected.
GDPR Compliance

GDPR Data Protecting

  • Automated assessment of potential risks for data protection
  • Establish controls and reminders to protect assets where the data resides.
  • Setting up of GDPR compliant surveys for collecting data 

Reporting Of Breaches and Tightening Of Policies

  • Investigation and reporting of suspected data breaches
  • Revision of policies and processes to tighten any gaps concerning GDPR
  • Central repository for records of data breaches, associated tasks, and remediation records
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