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Vcomply Digitizes OMEXOM Compliance Program

OMEXOM CEO Zdenek Zidek shares his experience using Vcomply

Vcomply Testimonial
As a responsible multinational corporation, OMEXOM has taken Anti-corruption and bribery regulation like Sapin2 and ISO 37001 very seriously, and has taken multiple steps to stay compliant
VComply helps OMEXOM digitize their compliance process and have real time visibility into their compliace an risk processes. Listen to CEO Zdenek Zidek speak about it in this video
Partnership with screening solutions

Vcomply partners with screening solutions to digitize compliance

About Screening Solutions

Screening solutions is a leading privately owned consulting firm, providing various risk management solutions in the region of Central Europe for over a decade. We help our clients manage risks concerning compliance, human resources, business relationships, security and cybersecurity.

In 2020, Screening Solutions and VComply forged a partnership to bring the platform to European clients and to raise awareness on digitize compliance in the continent.


David is a partner at Screening Solutions responsible for Compliance, Business Intelligence and Investigations consulting. David`s clients are mainly private equity funds, law firms, FMCG companies and manufacturing companies.

David has assisted numerous companies with their Compliance management needs, including preparing clients for the ISO certification process. He is one of the first certified auditors for ISO 19600 (Compliance management systems) and ISO 37001 (Anti-bribery management systems) in the Czech Republic.

David also has extensive experience of investigating employee criminality, forensic audits and designing and implementing fraud prevention systems.

David is a veteran in the industry, and we are proud to partner with him!