Case Study
Costa coffee strengthens its compliance initiatives using VComply
Costa Coffee drives compliance efficiency with VComply. Rapidly scaled compliance and risk programs without adding any additional headcount.
Dunstable, UK
Company Size
+2400 Stores

About Costa coffee

Costa Coffee is a chain of British coffeehouses that was purchased by the Coca Cola Company in 2019. The company has a prominent brand, operates almost 4,000 retail locations with skilled baristas, provides coffee vending services, produces coffee products for home consumption, and has a modern roastery. Given the high number of people they serve daily, Costa recognizes the significance of adhering to regulations and managing risks.
Increase in employee accountability
Increase in timely task completion
Reduction in Compliance issues

The Challenge

With stores across 31 countries and more than 18,400 employees, Costa struggled with its manual and siloed approach to compliance management. Each unit had its separate processes. They were using spreadsheets to manage compliance programs and maintain risk registers. This led to many duplications of efforts and made analyzing risks maintained in different registers difficult. The lack of coordination between different outlets use of different technologies and processes led to limited risk visibility and compliance management challenges.

Again, these files did not have proper access controls or version history, and changes can make it challenging to understand who made the changes. Without proper collaboration, the compliance and risk management teams were requested to assess the same types of risk resulting in duplicity. Regarding evidence management, the proof was stored in different folders, making it extremely difficult for internal auditors to execute audits successfully.
“We wanted to bring the same agility to our compliance program that we bring to our customers. It was time to say goodbye to spreadsheets and embrace a GRC platform to help us quickly ramp up and expand.”
David Dancer
Chief compliance officer

The Outcome

VComply streamlined Costa’s compliance processes and helped them comply with internal and external compliance requirements. The platform helped their employees to coordinate with different departments and different outlets. VComply’s reporting capabilities enable compliance teams to slice and dice compliance and risk data from different units. The key reports and dashboard data helped them generate relevant information and make informed decisions

With an automated approach, teams could spend more time analyzing the compliance and risk data and help make faster and better decisions. There was no need to create controls for each framework separately; they could entrust VComply’s pre-built controls, especially SOX controls, to stakeholders and track them.

Why VComply

Solving the Complexity of Compliance. Better efficiency with faster, automated compliance processes
Rapid scaling of compliance and risk programs
Reduced overhead costs and increased savings
Enhanced tracking of regulatory compliance

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