Compliance Task Management

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Compliance Task Management
  • Do you find it challenging to create and schedule compliance tasks?
  • Worried about the lack of visibility of progress against your team’s tasks?
  • Are you dealing with a lack of accountability from your stakeholders?
  • Are failures to comply with compliance leading to penalties and legal issues?
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Why Compliance Task Management?
Compliance is challenging, and managing compliance tasks efficiently is even more complicated. Keeping track of team performance, data, and documents and integrating accountability is not easy. For growing organizations with diversified departments and locations, the problems of tackling all the compliance tasks and processes take up significant time and resources.

Not having the ability to manage compliance tasks create confusion and complexities that can permeate across the organization and result in non-compliance. This can make the organization vulnerable to many external and internal risks and impact its sustainability. Non-compliance may result in monetary fines, loss of reputation, hampered business operations, or permanent closure of the business and many more.
Compliance Task Management
What can an organization do to remove all the uncertainty in compliance task management?

By introducing a robust compliance management system, you can

  • Bring transparency into the compliance management system.
  • Set accountability and timeline for workflows.
  • Set KPIs for measuring task performance.
  • Keep everything well connected and well communicated.
  • Set up a 360-degree monitoring system of your compliance tasks.
Compliance Task Management with VComply
With the help of VComply’s intuitive and flexible Compliance Management platform,
an organization can efficiently manage its compliance tasks, and keep track of current and past controls.
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Compliance Process and Task Design
  • Setup or import frameworks and controls, and identify tasks required for meeting standards.
  • Establish compliance task library to map obligations to controls.
  • Create tasks that correspond to a control that address risks.
  • Automate compliance tasks and activities.
Compliance Process and Task Design
Task Assignment and Routing
  • Identify task owners and approvers.
  • Automate task assignments, approval requests, and oversight.
  • Manage task timeline and communication through notifications and emails.
  • Analyze compliance performance using an assessment score.
Task Assignment and Routing
Team Management
  • Define roles, onboard stakeholders, and create a centralized hub to communicate in real time.
  • Manage and organize work and tasks using workflow and information sharing.
  • Coordinate and collaborate tasks across teams through responsibility workrooms.
  • Eliminate ambiguity with clear set of tasks, ownership, and accountability.
Team Management
Compliance Reporting
  • Track the status of compliance tasks in real time.
  • Automatically generate compliance reports that provide a 360-degree view of the compliance posture.
  • Drill down to finer compliance details with task ownership, finding and performance.
  • Proactively plan and stay prepared for future compliance requirements.
Compliance Reporting
Compliance Process and Task Design Task Assignment and Routing Team Management Compliance Reporting
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