Collaboration & Productivity
A unified workspace to collaborate with
your team
Responsibility Workroom
Improve your compliance processes with effective collaboration
As each compliance task has a dedicated workspace, compliance managers and the rest of the team can work together as a team and make continuous progress to the organization’s compliance efforts.
VComply Responsibility Workroom
Image showing responsibility details
Responsibility Evidence
Never need to send a proof as an attachment again!
Every responsibility assignee, reviewer, and approver can view responsibility details, upload documents, evidence or make comments or notes, and nobody will be left out.
Tag Stakeholders
Take the work out of compliance communication
Enables compliance officers or any other stakeholders to tag their counterparts in getting their insights on compliance tasks or checklists, speeds up results and improves the compliance performance.
Empower & engage your employees in a new way
Improve collaboration between different teams in creating and distributing policies, and help connects your employees over various engagements and understand the standards expected of them.
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