CAL® Management


CAL® Management is essential to minimize the costs of maintaining and storage of paper contracts and thus, maximize the profitability of the business. It helps an entity to manage and mitigate the risk of non-compliance by integrating all the contractual obligations on one single platform.

VComply enables a business to effectively manage all the contractual agreements by providing a cloud based repository to store and organise the contract portfolio. It is replete with dynamic analysis tools and a dashboard which shall let an entity have a 360 degree compliance overview. It facilitates a business to move towards paper-less processes by letting them adopt a cloud-based approach to managing contracts.

  • Certificates, Agreements/Contracts and Licenses (CAL) repository on the cloud
  • Security and accessibility from multiple locations
  • Intelligent Renewal Reminders
  • Real time risk analysis based on Risk Class of the compliance
  • Dashboard for holistic overview of the contract portfolio

Managing compliance has never been easier!

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