Business Continuity Management

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Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Is your cost of downtime from business interruptions increasing?
  • Do you feel that keeping track of new threats is an arduous task?
  • Are you not equipped to keep running your business when disaster hits?
  • Are your policies not aligned with the risk appetite of your company?
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Why Is Business Continuity Management Important?
Epidemics, cyber threats, failures, disruptions, or uncertainty can strike an organization at any time. It’s a matter of enormous concern that these disruptions can cause monetary loss, fines, loss of critical data, or loss of credibility. Having a business continuity management program helps to mitigate such unforeseen risks and ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of the organization. A -planned business continuity program can help achieve consistent business performance, enhanced credibility across all the stakeholders, and a sustainable and agile business environment.
How can an organization ensure resilience and business continuity despite disruptions?

Implement a crisis monitoring system and automate response processes. Centralize communication and develop a monitoring system for business operations and risk assessment processes. By introducing a risk and task management system, you can

  • Establish a business culture of collaboration, transparency, accountability, and credibility
  • Set risk parameters and define risk appetite
  • Report the incident and automate crisis response systems
  • Provide a centralized system for communication and collaboration
  • Define workflows and assign accountability for key tasks and responsibilities
Business Continuity Management with VComply
VComply Compliance and Risk Management platform makes business continuity management an easy task for organizations across industries. The VComply Compliance platform enables an organization to:
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Setup Crisis Management
  • Outline potential risks and response procedures
  • Activate protocols and controls using workflow management
  • Manage communication through common workspace and alerts
  • Create a single source of data and information for higher management
Maintain Risk Register
Implement Risk Assessment and Management
  • Set your business risk parameters and appetite
  • Define a plan for risk management and communication across the team
  • Define the corrective action planning for crisis management
  • Automatically generate risk assessment report for future planning
Perform Risk Analysis
Centralize Business Operations
  • Bring all your team and departments across geographical locations to the same virtual platform
  • Automate operational task management
  • Set up a centralized communication system through the platform
  • Set accountability to the individual level for better monitoring
Risk Assessment
Perform Impact Analysis and continuity Management
  • Perform quantitative business continuity risks assessments
  • Create business continuity plans and policies link them to processes and controls
  • Manage, track and close issues
  • Test the plan to improve your ability to recover from unexpected scenarios successfully
Risk Management
Maintain Risk Register Perform Risk Analysis Risk Assessment Risk Management
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