What to ask a vendor when looking for a GRC tool?

Are you still using spreadsheets for risk assessment, managing compliance, compliance audits, and tracking incidents? Probably, it’s time to switch to a GRC tool that can help you streamline compliance processes and support your compliance framework, risk management, analyze the gaps for corrective action plans, automate follow-ups and reporting, and do much more

SOC2 Audit Assessment Readiness And GRC Platform’s Contribution

Running a successful company itself is a tedious task. Following all the parameters, abiding by all the norms, and getting prepped for the new security guidelines takes an enormous amount of effort and time. But even after following every step by the book, an enterprise organization gets asked by clients from time to time ‘are they secured enough?’. 

Achieving Effective Compliance Within a Nonprofit Organization

These words will ring true until the end of time, as many believe that the true path to happiness is giving rather than taking. Strangely enough, giving can often be more challenging than taking as being self-serving and self-interested is the easy route to go through life, while attempting to make the world a better place can be more of a struggle than many are willing to face. In our current and modern world of business, an increased emphasis on the culture of an organization is continually highlighted. Both regulatory bodies and the public are increasingly trending towards the demand of corporate ethical practices and principles. This puts a unique and intense pressure on compliance professionals in nonprofit organizations world-wide as they must take responsibility to build controls and procedures that establish an authentically ethical organization that acts with integrity.

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